A strength program
designed for the
weekend golfer

Tried & tested by
the Wunderpar team

Tried & tested by the Wunderpar team

Benefits of EMS
training for golfers

  • Improved intramuscular coordination
  • Increase in driving power
  • All round core strengthening
  • Improvements in strengthening of the posterior chain (back and shoulder area)
  • Strengthening of all major neglected stabilizers in the body
  • Increase in flexibility
  • All round approach of injury prevention through whole body strength training fixing apparent weaknesses

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BODYTEC electro muscle stimulation (EMS) training provides a full-body high-intensity interval strength workout in just 20 minutes/week without additional loads from weight bearing equipment, making it low-impact. Without the additional loads on the body, flexibility improvements are an added bonus to any strength and postural improvements obtained through our EMS training sessions.