Course Memberships are now active | Wunderpar

We’re happy to announce that the first Wunderpar Course Memberships have been purchased and are now active in the Wunderpar app. Here is what you need to do to see which courses now offer golfers more Wunder: Update your Wunderpar app in the app store In the app, tap on “Select a course” If any […]

Wunderpar’s Exciting Leap Forward: Introducing the New WUNDER Token!

Hello, Wunderpar Community! We’re thrilled to share an important update that marks a significant milestone in our journey. As part of our commitment to enhance our platform and your experience continuously, we’ve made a strategic move for our WUNDR token on the Polygon blockchain. The token has officially transitioned from its original contract address (0x5a242099c159722a5e44798aeabe54cabcd844bb) […]

Wunderpar League Prizes for February

The February Wunderpar League has kicked off, and we have your prizes ready, with some added value thrown into the mix. The top 3 players in the February league will win: But that’s not all 👇 Two lucky users will each win the notorious Wunderpar Mystery Box. If you’ve been with us since Wunderpar’s early […]

Wunderpar League | Important Notice

The February league has officially started, and we’re adding some excitement to the mix. Play to win the 2024 trophy: For 2024, you can only win one month (league). This means every month will have a new winner. At the end of the year, the top 4 earners (based on the yearly total of Wundr […]

Introducing: Wunderpar Course Memberships

Dear Wunderpar community, As Wunderpar grows, it is important to maintain a sustainable model to ensure that the app can scale to a large amount of users and still be able to provide as much value as possible. That brings us to our latest update to the Wunderpar app: Course Memberships. Courses can purchase a […]

Wunderpar League Rules

The Wunderpar League has seen massive uptake since launching a month ago. With it being the first month, we have monitored it closely to see how we can improve it over time, not only with the sponsors we bring onboard, but also making sure it is fair for all Wunderpar users partaking in the league. […]

Wunderpar | Get Your Free BODYTEC Training Session

If you haven’t seen yet, Wunderpar has partnered with BODYTEC to bring you a great deal to get the year off to a healthy start. A strength training session designed for the weekend golfer! For only 40 Wundr, you can now get a free training session at BODYTEC. You don’t have to make any commitments […]

Introducing: The Wunderpar League 

What if you could play golf against every Wunderpar user in the world and win big while doing so? Introducing: The Wunderpar League How it works: Let the battle begin!

Introducing: Boosts 🚀 

Buckle up, because we’re heading to the moon! For those who are keen to maximise their earnings, this one is for you. By activating the new Boost 🚀 feature on the golf course, you’ll have the opportunity to pay to play and, in turn, earn more Wundr for your round. As a cherry on top, […]

Play The Worst Golf Course in SA

It’s officially silly season, so why not join in the fun while we can? We’ve been on a quest to find the worst golf course in South Africa. Not out of boredom, but because we want to experience and play it. For this unique adventure, we’re inviting one of our users to join us as […]