Course Memberships are now active | Wunderpar

We’re happy to announce that the first Wunderpar Course Memberships have been purchased and are now active in the Wunderpar app.

Here is what you need to do to see which courses now offer golfers more Wunder:

Update your Wunderpar app in the app store

In the app, tap on “Select a course”

If any of the courses near you have a membership, it will show a badge next to their names, as follows:

Course badge values:

  • No badge = 40 Wunder earnings
  • 1.5x = 60 Wunder earnings
  • 2x = 80 Wunder earnings

The first memberships have been bought by both businesses and users and you will be able to see who purchased the membership by tapping the membership badge on the top right of an active round screen, as shown below. Only courses with an active membership will have this badge.

Leaving the best for last:
If one of our users personally purchased the membership for a course, Wunderpar will automatically reward them with 1 Wunder for every round of golf that absolutely anyone plays on that course while using Wunderpar. That’s right, you’ll get Wunder coming into your wallet simply from other people playing on your course. You’ll see who the legend is, like this:

If you have a business looking to reach your local golfers and drive more value to them, or you would personally like to purchase a Wunderpar Golf Course membership, get in touch with us to view course membership options.

The Wunderpar Team