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In recent years, the terms web3, crypto, and blockchain have suffered from a challenging reputation due to the fallout from the ICO craze of 2018 and the NFT hype of 2021. Unfortunately, the broader public narrative tends to associate anything blockchain-related with scams and unfulfilled promises, overshadowing the vibrant and thriving ecosystem of legitimate projects in the crypto space that leverage blockchain technology and its accompanying benefits.

Within this dynamic crypto landscape, numerous fully decentralized DeFi projects, such as Uniswap, MakerDAO, and Curve, have emerged, boasting active communities, clear roadmaps, and successful development teams. Despite their accomplishments, these projects often go unnoticed by the average person on the street, leading to a perplexing dilemma. Blockchain technology represents a genuine revolution, but the negative connotations attached to it can hinder the acceptance of promising projects—not to mention the pump-and-dump schemes encouraged by unknowing influencers, as well as crypto exchanges failing to uphold their end of the deal.

As passionate believers in the potential of crypto, we understand the significant influence of public perception. To challenge the status quo and break free from traditional norms, we have chosen to present our vision in a “gray paper” instead of a traditional white paper. Our intention is not to make blockchain the sole focus of our project but to leverage its power as a decentralized ledger, facilitating seamless integration and fostering synergies among brands to enhance value for their respective customers.

Wunderpar stands apart from typical fully decentralized organizations. We embrace a model that combines the strengths of a traditional organization with decentralization where it makes the most sense. Our gray paper outlines a comprehensive business plan for revolutionizing the way golf enthusiasts experience the sport. While certain aspects, like the WUNDR token, will be a decentralized ERC20 token, and users will have self-custody of their wallets, other aspects, such as brand partnerships and token minting, will remain centralized to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. However, we acknowledge the drawbacks of traditional organizations that can create a disconnect between end-users and the executive team. To address this concern, we introduce Wunderpar Membership to empower platform users to actively participate in decision-making, fostering a strong sense of community governance. Each wallet can own only one membership, granting the holder a valuable vote on any matter raised by the community.

At Wunderpar, we firmly believe in the transformative potential of blockchain technology, but we recognize that not all projects require full decentralization. The team is treating this as another software project where we have a high-level idea of our goal, but we’d like the community and the market to guide new features and pivots that we might not be aware of at this stage. Our aim is to strike the perfect balance between decentralization and practicality, providing transparency where needed to ensure trust in our team. We seek to inspire crypto enthusiasts to embrace a more flexible perspective, trusting our team to initiate the project and onboard partner brands, while also encouraging non-crypto enthusiasts to appreciate the advantages of blockchain as a shared layer that guarantees transparency where it matters most and simplifies integration for our partners.

Wunderpar is more than just a loyalty program; it is a visionary step towards democratizing the golfing experience and empowering a diverse community of golfers. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey to revolutionize golf using web3 and blockchain technology, prioritizing value creation for the average golfer in a semi-centralized fashion, rather than making blockchain the sole feature. Together, we can build a future where innovation, trust, and inclusivity redefine the way we approach this beloved sport.


The decentralized nature of blockchain technology has ushered in a new era of boundless value exchange, unlocking unprecedented possibilities across a spectrum of industries. Amid this transformative landscape, Wunderpar emerges as a pioneering mobile application, seamlessly merging the realms of golf and loyalty programs while empowering users with complete control over their earned loyalty tokens.

Wunderpar represents a revolutionary shift in the golfing experience, harnessing the potential of blockchain technology to reward players with WUNDR tokens for their engagement on the platform. Whether it’s playing golf, referring new users, or participating in specific golfing events, Wunderpar gamifies all aspects of golf and introduces an innovative decentralized rewards system, marking a milestone in the sports industry’s evolution. This gray paper delves deep into the intricacies of the WUNDR token, shedding light on its functionality, tokenomics, business strategy, and future growth prospects.

The Problem

Golf enthusiasts around the world currently face a significant issue: the absence of a unified loyalty program that connects them with brands, events, and golf courses. Despite their substantial investments in this cherished pastime, many amateur golfers encounter disconnected and isolated loyalty programs, resulting in missed opportunities for rewards throughout the golfing community.

At Wunderpar, we are committed to addressing this challenge head-on by establishing a universal loyalty framework that seamlessly integrates golfers, brands, events, and golf courses. Our comprehensive rewards program empowers golfers by enhancing their golfing experiences through exclusive deals and opportunities. We aim to create stronger connections between golfers and the sport they are passionate about.

Loyalty Programs Today

Customer loyalty and engagement hold immense significance in determining the success of any organization, making loyalty rewards programs a strategic imperative across diverse industries. Chances are, you and many acquaintances are enrolled in loyalty programs offered by a variety of companies. For instance, Starbucks boasts “My Starbucks Rewards,” enabling members to earn stars and savor complimentary food and beverages. Walgreens presents “myWalgreens,” granting patrons the ability to accrue and redeem points while enjoying exclusive discounts. Furthermore, Target’s “Target Circle” delivers personalized deals and cashback incentives, and Hilton’s “Hilton Honors” provides guests with points for hotel stays, resulting in complimentary nights and room upgrades.

However, traditional loyalty programs, such as those found in retail settings, tend to be confined within the boundaries of a single brand’s ecosystem. While this approach functions seamlessly for solitary brand entities, it poses challenges when multiple entities seek to collaborate, necessitating intricate communication between diverse systems.

Health insurance loyalty programs offer an intriguing glimpse into how this challenge can be effectively addressed. These programs diverge significantly from the retail model, focusing on sustaining user engagement and policy renewals within a network of thoughtfully selected brand partnerships that yield mutual benefits for all involved parties.

For instance, a health insurance provider may enter into a partnership with a gym, offering policyholders reduced membership fees. Through the introduction of a rewards program, the health insurer motivates policyholders to frequent the gym, ultimately benefiting everyone in the ecosystem. The insurer mitigates health risks for clients by promoting regular exercise, policyholders enjoy the advantages of discounted gym memberships, and the gym acquires new clients, even at slightly reduced rates.

Wunderpar aspires to adapt this cross-brand loyalty program model for golfers, positioning itself as the catalyst for value creation among golf enthusiasts, golf courses, events, and brands. Our vision entails forging a community-driven platform where users actively participate in shaping the project, thereby ensuring the development of human-centric technology that enhances the value proposition for all stakeholders involved.

The Players Involved

Golfers are drawn to the sport for a myriad of reasons, ranging from leisure and relaxation to embracing their competitive spirit. Whether they seek social interaction, physical activity, or a connection to tradition and culture, golf caters to a diverse range of enthusiasts. At Wunderpar, we recognize and reward each facet of the golfing experience, ensuring that every golfer benefits from a tangible and comprehensive loyalty program. A young golfer might enjoy a cash discount on a new club, while a 50-year-old executive could relish exclusive events held for members. We are committed to continuously experimenting and collaborating with the community to tailor these rewards, ensuring that each user persona extracts the utmost value from earning WUNDR tokens.

Within our envisioned ecosystem, four main players form the core of Wunderpar’s innovative platform: the golfer, Wunderpar itself, partnering brands or events, and golf courses. By harmonizing these players, our business model is designed to unlock value and benefits for all participants, addressing different aspects of their golfing journey.

Wunderpar’s loyalty program is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of golfers, rewarding them with a range of benefits that align with their motivations for enjoying the sport. By empowering our community members to actively participate in shaping the project, we will ensure that Wunderpar remains a user-centric platform, poised to become the definitive worldwide golf loyalty app, continually adding value and fostering a strong sense of belonging among all stakeholders involved. Together, we embark on a journey to redefine the golfing experience and create a dynamic, interconnected community that thrives on shared passion and mutual prosperity.

Monetary and Exclusive Rewards

For golfers, the Wunderpar loyalty program offers exciting opportunities for monetary gains. Through partnerships with brands and courses, players can access discounted products and services using vouchers purchased with WUNDER tokens. This financial incentive encourages increased engagement and loyalty, ensuring that golfers reap tangible rewards for their passion.

For users who derive non-monetary rewards from their golfing experiences, such as the joy of being in nature or spending quality time with family and friends, we offer exclusive rewards through our brand partnerships. These rewards cannot be purchased with money but must be obtained through our marketplace using the WUNDR token.

Health Incentives

We are deeply committed to the well-being of our golfing community. As advocates for a healthy lifestyle, Wunderpar offers a reward multiplier for golfers who choose to walk the course instead of taking a cart. By promoting physical activity, we enhance the overall golfing experience and contribute to the well-being of our users.

Volume Boost for Brands, Events, and Courses

Our loyalty program fosters a win-win situation for partnering brands, events, and golf courses. By becoming part of the Wunderpar ecosystem, brands gain increased visibility and exposure, attracting more potential customers to their products and services. Golf courses, on the other hand, benefit from a surge in footfall and enhanced engagement, creating a thriving golfing community within their facilities.

For partnered events, we plan to reward not only those playing golf but also those attending events. Imagine being rewarded for simply attending a PGA Tour championship.

Social and Networking Opportunities

Golf has long been cherished as a sport that fosters camaraderie and connection. Wunderpar seeks to nurture this aspect by providing a platform for golfers to forge meaningful relationships with fellow players, friends, and even business associates. The golf course becomes more than just a sporting arena; it becomes a space for networking, creating valuable opportunities for professional and personal growth.


WUNDR token

The primary issue with disparate loyalty programs lies in the absence of a standardized method for exchanging loyalty points across various ecosystem participants. Most loyalty points remain unused, which often prompts brands to restrict their transferability. This is where Wunderpar sets itself apart. You’ve earned your loyalty points, and we believe you should have the freedom to spend, sell, or transfer them as you see fit.

At the heart of Wunderpar is the WUNDR token, an ERC-20 token which is correlated to the amount of time golfers spend playing golf with the Wunderpar app. Each time golfers activate the app while on a partnered golf course, new WUNDR tokens are minted. To encourage regular play, there’s a daily cap on the maximum number of tokens that can be minted by a golfer.

However, minting new WUNDR tokens isn’t limited to golfing alone. Users can earn tokens through various avenues, including inviting friends using a referral code, attending specific events, and contributing to the growth of the Wunderpar community.

When a user makes a purchase on our marketplace, the tokens used for the transaction are transferred to a dedicated wallet owned by Wunderpar. These tokens are earmarked for strategic purposes, including marketing initiatives and incentive programs. This process is designed to maintain the integrity of our tokenomic system by ensuring that new WUNDR tokens are minted exclusively when users are actively engaged on the golf course.

Simultaneously, it enables the Wunderpar team to responsibly redistribute these minted WUNDR tokens to users through various avenues, such as competitions and incentive programs. This approach not only supports our commitment to maintaining a dynamic and engaging ecosystem but also contributes to the overall sustainability and growth of the platform.


Earn For Playing

Golfers can start earning WUNDR tokens as soon as they join the Wunderpar platform. However, the total daily accumulation of WUNDR tokens is subject to tier-based limits, as detailed below:

  • Free (Par): Maximum of 40 WUNDR tokens per day.

To maintain the integrity of our rewards system and prevent misuse, we have implemented advanced technological measures to identify and mitigate anomalous behavior. Furthermore, we plan to leverage telemetry data to enhance our ability to curb potential misuse. We are committed to transparency and community involvement, and we will openly disclose the criteria used to identify misuse. This criteria will also be subject to continuous improvement through the membership voting process, ensuring a fair and evolving rewards system for all.

Earning Multipliers

To maximize your earning potential, Wunderpar introduces a dynamic multiplier system. These multipliers are designed to amplify the number of WUNDR tokens you can accumulate, making your golfing experience even more rewarding. Our multipliers include, but are not limited to:

  • Group Play Multiplier: Engaging in a “group play session” on the app activates a multiplier, allowing you to earn additional WUNDR tokens when playing with friends or fellow golf enthusiasts.
  • Course Multiplier: Golf courses will have the option to offer course multipliers for a fee, enabling you to boost your WUNDR earnings while enjoying your rounds.
  • Streak Multiplier: Consistency pays off! Each consecutive week you play, you unlock a streak multiplier, progressively increasing the number of WUNDR tokens you receive.
  • Win Multiplier: Encouraging collaboration and consensus, group sessions that result in agreement among all parties will trigger additional WUNDR token minting, rewarding everyone involved.
  • Brand NFTs: Owning specific brand NFTs grants you access to exclusive multipliers, further enhancing your earning potential.
  • In-App Games and Challenges: Special in-app games and challenges present opportunities for you to earn extra WUNDR tokens, adding a fun and interactive element to your earning process.
  • Membership Perks: Being a member of a specific golf course or belonging to the exclusive member grants you exclusive membership perks, including access to unique multipliers and rewards.

While this list is not exhaustive, we are committed to continually expanding the ways in which we reward users for their platform engagement. We aim to create an engaging and rewarding ecosystem that not only incentivizes participation but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and enhances the overall golfing experience for our community of golfers.


At Wunderpar, we recognize the importance of creating a dynamic and balanced token economy. Golfers will have various meaningful ways to use their hard-earned WUNDR tokens, contributing to the overall sustainability and value appreciation of the ecosystem. These purchase categories are designed to offer both practical benefits and unique experiences to our community members:


Golfers can utilize their WUNDR tokens to acquire vouchers redeemable at any of our partnered brands or golf courses. These vouchers will enable users to access discounts, special offers, or exclusive products and services, enhancing their overall golfing journey while promoting a thriving network of brand loyalty.



Through sponsored or affiliated experiences, Wunderpar will provide golfers with exciting opportunities to burn their tokens. These exclusive experiences might include golfing retreats, meet-and-greets with renowned golf professionals, or access to premium golf events, creating unforgettable moments for our valued community members.


Golfers can utilize their WUNDR tokens to secure their weekly tee time at their preferred golf courses. Additionally, they will have the option to make offers to the current booker, creating an engaging and dynamic booking system that encourages flexibility and personalized golfing experiences.


At Wunderpar, we believe in giving back to society. Users will have the heartwarming option to donate their earned WUNDR tokens to support various charitable causes or initiatives, making a positive impact beyond the golfing realm.

VIT (Very Important Tee)

With the VIT feature, golfers can burn tokens for the opportunity to play golf with VIPs on the platform. From CEOs and professional golfers to artists and influencers, this exclusive perk allows users to connect with notable personalities and elevate their golfing experience to extraordinary heights.

Revenue Streams

At its core, the WUNDR token serves as a versatile medium of exchange within the Wunderpar ecosystem. Initially, the primary utility of the WUNDR token revolves around purchasing golf vouchers and accessing discounts from the in-app marketplace. However, due to the blockchain-based nature of the WUNDR token and user-owned wallets, any third party can seamlessly integrate with the WUNDR token, enabling users to exchange it for a wide range of goods and services.

Wunderpar functions as a facilitator, connecting golfers, brands, events, and courses, and it generates revenue through the following streams.

Tiered Subscriptions Income

Wunderpar’s tiered subscription model allows golfers to access varying levels of benefits and rewards based on their chosen tier. The revenue generated from these subscriptions contributes to the overall valuation of the WUNDR token, creating a solid foundation for the ecosystem’s growth and sustainability.

Courses Paying for Course Multipliers

Golf courses have the option to offer course multipliers to enhance golfers’ earning potential on the platform. By investing in these multipliers, courses bolster their appeal to golfers and contribute to the overall demand for WUNDR tokens, further strengthening its value.

Courses and Brands Paying for Featured Posts

Prominent visibility within the Wunderpar app is a valuable asset for golf courses and brands. As they pay for featured posts, they gain increased exposure to our active user base, bolstering engagement and attracting new customers. The revenue generated from these featured posts adds value to the WUNDR token.

Percentage of Sales for Items in the Marketplace

The in-app marketplace serves as a hub for golf-related products, services, and experiences. Wunderpar retains a percentage of each sale made in the marketplace, contributing to the pool of funds that support the WUNDR token’s dollar value.

Wunderpar Golf Events

Organizing special golf events and experiences through Wunderpar Golf Events creates exciting opportunities for golfers to participate in unique tournaments and activities. The revenue generated from these events adds value to the WUNDR token and fosters a vibrant golfing community.


At Wunderpar, fostering a vibrant and collaborative community is at the heart of our mission. To bring our partnered brands, events and golf courses together, we will host a series of exciting events, including golf days and weekend retreats. These gatherings offer invaluable opportunities for all stakeholders to network, establish meaningful connections, and explore potential partnerships.

As influential brands come on board, smaller brands will naturally be drawn to join the platform and participate in these events. The Wunderpar team takes on the responsibility of ensuring that these organized networking events are compelling reasons for brands to remain active within the ecosystem. By facilitating these events, we create a supportive environment where brands can engage with each other, nurturing relationships that lead to mutually beneficial deals and collaborations.

We recognize that the value generated through these networking events will far outweigh any discounts on vouchers offered by the brands. The power of genuine connections and the exchange of ideas will foster an ecosystem of growth and innovation, enriching the overall golfing experience for our community members.

At Wunderpar, we believe in the strength of collective partnerships, and these networking events serve as a testament to our commitment to building a collaborative and thriving golfing platform. By uniting golfers, brands, and courses, we create a dynamic space where ideas flourish, opportunities arise, and everyone benefits from the shared passion for the sport we love.


Walk before we run – centralized bootstrapping beforing removing the training wheels. Initially we plan to hold the hand of the ecosystem and platform while we figure out with the community what are the features, incentives and reward structures that work, as well as what is the golden balance between centralisation and decentralization for a project such as this. Throughout this process we will aim to be as transparent as possible to ensure trust in the team and the project.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring regulatory compliance is an integral part of our operations at Wunderpar. Our commitment to transparency and legality extends to every aspect of the Wundr token system. The smart contracts underpinning the Wundr token have been fully audited by a third party firm, ensuring adherence to best practices and established regulations in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors.

Future Plans

While the primary focus of the Wunderpar app is currently centered on the sport of golf, the potential for expansion is vast. The WUNDR token system can be adapted to suit other sports and industries, creating opportunities for significant growth.


Additionally, future plans aim to further enhance the platform’s appeal. Functionality for golfers to play against each other for Wundr tokens, scorecard functionality, and yardage trackers are all under consideration. These elements will further gamify the golfing experience, fostering a community of golfers while also enhancing the overall utility and demand for WUNDR tokens.


The Wunderpar app represents a pioneering fusion of sport and digital tokens, offering a unique value proposition for golfers, users, and investors. The WUNDR token serves as the heart of this innovative platform, rewarding users for their golfing activities and facilitating value exchange within the app’s ecosystem.


With robust security measures, dynamic token supply, and exciting future plans, the Wunderpar app and the Wundr token hold significant potential. We invite the community to join us in this exciting journey, participating in the growth and evolution of the Wunderpar platform.