Introducing: Wunderpar Course Memberships

Dear Wunderpar community,

As Wunderpar grows, it is important to maintain a sustainable model to ensure that the app can scale to a large amount of users and still be able to provide as much value as possible.

That brings us to our latest update to the Wunderpar app: Course Memberships.

  • Starting today, we will implement the following:
  • All courses can emit a maximum of 40 Wundr per user per day

Courses can purchase a Wunderpar Course Membership to lift this limit and let their golfers earn more

This will not only drive more feet to those courses who allow more earnings – it also allows for a new revenue stream, used to bring you more products and deals within Wunderpar shop.

To get your course’s limit lifted, simply share the following link with your course representative to apply:

Go get that Wundr!

The Wunderpar Team