What countries is Wunderpar available in?

Wunderpar is a global platform, readily available to golf enthusiasts around the world. We’ve designed it with the goal of enhancing the golf experience on a global scale, using the power of blockchain technology.

However, while the app itself is universally accessible, you might occasionally come across a golf course that isn’t listed yet in your locality. We’re constantly working on expanding our database of courses, but with the vast number of golf courses worldwide, we appreciate your understanding if you encounter this.

If you don’t see your preferred golf course listed, you can use the ‘Request a Course’ feature in the Wunderpar app. By clicking this, you’ll be able to send a notification to our team. We prioritize the addition of new courses based on these user requests, so your input directly helps us to better serve the global golfing community.

So, no matter where you are, you can download Wunderpar, join our growing community, and if necessary, request your favorite golf course to be added. Enjoy the game, earn rewards, and discover the unique benefits Wunderpar has to offer!