What is the cool down period about?

The “Cool Down” period is an innovative feature within Wunderpar designed with our users’ well-being in mind. We understand the excitement and incentive to play more rounds of golf to earn Wunderpar tokens. However, it’s equally important for us to promote a balanced approach to playing, ensuring users maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent any potential for excessive play that could lead to physical strain or repetitive stress injuries.

Essentially, the “Cool Down” period is a timeframe during which the ability to earn Wunderpar tokens through gameplay is temporarily paused. This means that after playing a certain number of rounds within a given period, users enter a “Cool Down” stage where they can continue to play golf and use the app’s features, but they won’t accumulate any additional tokens from their rounds. This is a deliberate design choice meant to encourage regular breaks and prevent users from overexerting themselves in pursuit of rewards.

During the “Cool Down” period, users can still access and enjoy all other non-token earning aspects of the Wunderpar app. They can review their past performances, plan future games, engage with the Wunderpar community, or even spend their earned tokens in the marketplace. It’s a perfect time to rest, reflect on your game, and interact with other parts of the app that you may not have explored yet.

The duration of the “Cool Down” period depends on a variety of factors, including the user’s gameplay history, frequency of play, and the intensity of recent activities. Once the “Cool Down” period is over, users can resume earning tokens from their gameplay.

The “Cool Down” feature is a part of our commitment to foster a healthy and sustainable gaming environment. While we strive to make the Wunderpar experience rewarding and enjoyable, we also want to ensure that our users maintain a healthy balance between their passion for golf and their overall well-being.