Do I need to have a bank account to purchase offers?

No, you do not need a traditional bank account to purchase offers on the Wunderpar Marketplace. We have designed our platform to make use of our own token system to simplify transactions and make the process more accessible to everyone.

When you play golf and participate in various activities through Wunderpar, you earn Wunderpar tokens. These tokens act as a form of digital currency within the app and can be used to purchase offers, deals, and products in the Wunderpar Marketplace.

The aim of this system is to provide an inclusive and straightforward transaction method that doesn’t require a bank account or credit card, making the Wunderpar experience enjoyable for everyone.

Remember, the more you play, the more tokens you can earn, and the more opportunities you’ll have to take advantage of the exclusive offers in our marketplace. Enjoy your game, earn rewards, and discover the unique features and benefits Wunderpar has to offer.