Can I use a wearable like an Apple Watch?

As of now, the Wunderpar app doesn’t support direct integration with wearables such as the Apple Watch. However, we’re excited to share that this is a feature we are actively working on and it’s planned to be available in the near future.

We understand the convenience and benefits of wearable technology for our users, especially in the context of golf where real-time data and hands-free operation can significantly enhance the experience. Integration with devices like the Apple Watch will enable users to receive notifications, track their stats, and interact with the app right from their wrist.

We’re committed to continually improving the Wunderpar experience, and incorporating wearable technology compatibility is part of this commitment. As soon as this feature becomes available, we’ll be sure to update our users through the app and other communication channels.

We appreciate your patience and excitement for this upcoming feature. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue exploring all the current features and benefits of the Wunderpar app.