Masters Winners on Wunderpar

Feeling the post-Masters blues? Yeah, you’re not alone.

At least for some, there is good news – you’ve locked in your predictions for the Masters, and here are the results:

  • Who will win the Masters? – Scottie Scheffler
  • Will Tiger make the cut? – Yes (epic)
  • PGA vs LIV – PGA
  • Brooks vs Bryson – Bryson
  • Will Jon Rahm win back-to-back? – No
  • Will there be a hole-in-one at #16? – No
  • Will the winner cry? – No
  • What will Scottie shoot on final day? 68
  • What will Bryson shoot on the final day? 73
  • Final score of the winner? -11

If you voted and got any of the above correct, your Wunder will be on its way to your wallet shortly.

Then, our Golf Champs pool saw 1,592 people join and select their fantasy team. Big up to Francois Kruger who snagged first place and a Wunderpar Mystery Box. Tied in second place was Ian Sithole and Aidan Hope who will receive Wunder for their spots.

We have more majors on the way and plan on keeping the fun going!

Good luck getting through Monday – we’re all in this together.

Wunderpar Team