New Wunderpar Heights

Fellow Wunderers,

Before diving into the latest updates, we have a small favor to ask. If you’re enjoying your Wunderpar experience, we’d greatly appreciate it if you could leave us a review on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Your reviews help us attract more attention and enable us to offer you even better deals and added value in the marketplace. Dankie! We truly appreciate your support.

Now, onto some exciting news:

We’re thrilled to announce that today we recorded the 1,000th round of golf logged on Wunderpar—after only a month of being live and just one week on Android! Additionally, we’ve reached another significant milestone: we’ve distributed our 100,000th Wundr to our users. The progress since our launch has been incredible, and we’re ecstatic to have you all join us on this exciting journey.

This week also marked our first limited product launch—the Wunderpar Mystery Box. Kudos to those who managed to snag one through the app; they sold out within minutes. Rest assured, we have plenty more surprises in store for you, delivered in a similar fashion.

As our community expands, we’re receiving valuable feedback. Thank you and please keep it coming! We’re currently ironing out some minor kinks in the app and brainstorming new features to bring even more value to our users.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend. We hope you all get a chance to touch grass and unwind.

Best regards,