Play The Worst Golf Course in SA

It’s officially silly season, so why not join in the fun while we can?

We’ve been on a quest to find the worst golf course in South Africa. Not out of boredom, but because we want to experience and play it. For this unique adventure, we’re inviting one of our users to join us as we discover, travel to, and play on the most dreadful golf courses around. We haven’t found the perfect one yet, but we feel we’re close.

The winner will enjoy a completely free trip, covering flights, accommodation, golf, food, and drinks. We do this because because we don’t want to suffer alone. Who knows where we’ll end up?

How to Enter:

  1. Visit the Shop inside Wunderpar.
  2. Purchase the top Raffle ticket (you can’t miss it).
  3. No need to redeem anything – your purchase automatically enters you into the draw.

Okay, go for it!

Wunderpar Team