Shop with your Wundr

We’ve received fantastic feedback from our early users who hit the golf course right after Wunderpar’s iOS launch. Thanks for tagging us on social media and sharing your initial experiences with us 👊.

Now that Wundr is making its way into your wallet, you can spend it in the Wunder Shop. Are you eyeing the R50 and R100 cash vouchers, or saving up Wundr for bigger purchases? We’ll be adding more options and items to the shop, so make sure to check back after your rounds.

When you purchase a cash voucher, you will be able to tap through to the seller’s site where you can redeem your voucher. You can also use it in-store; simply show your code to the shop assistant.

As always, keep in touch, share your thoughts with us any time, and go make some birds.

Wunderpar Team

PS. We are almost ready to launch Android. You can expect an update from us when we do.