Wunderpar League Rules

The Wunderpar League has seen massive uptake since launching a month ago. With it being the first month, we have monitored it closely to see how we can improve it over time, not only with the sponsors we bring onboard, but also making sure it is fair for all Wunderpar users partaking in the league.

Wunderpar was built to reward golfers for playing golf, it’s as simple as that. We want to promote the game as much as possible and inspire you to get out on the course as much as possible. With the league, we want to ensure that users are playing actual rounds of golf to earn their title at the top and get access to the amazing prizes on offer from our partners.

With this, we have structured some important rules going forward.

Wunderpar League Rules

  • Have your full name and email in your Wunderpar profile
  • Have valid GPS data points on the course by not killing the app during a round
  • Have legit rounds of golf on a course
  • Days earned must closely resemble your rounds logged on official handicap apps (HNA and other), depending on the country you are in
  • Starting rounds at valid times (eg. Between 5am and 7pm), except in countries that offer night golf

Lastly, from February the top users will be required to upload a receipt for their rounds of golf to validate legitimate play

Failing to adhere to these rules will result in a penalty. Let’s keep the battle fair and have some fun while doing so.

Thanks to everyone sharing their thoughts and ideas with us to make the Wunderpar app and league a better experience for all. We will always listen to your feedback and take action to enhance your golfing experience.

Happy golfing, friends.

The Wunderpar Team